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Everyone doesn’t get a trophy, one of you

October 13, 2011

…just might get to be President!!! Yeah – I’m reading on the Occupy Wall Street stuff – and it meets most assumptions I’ve made

It’s about getting ‘free stuff’ in perpetuity

It’s about people who don’t have or want jobs OR a home, so they can stay 4 weeks

It’s full of 20 somethings who – 0ddly – seem to want to emulate the generation that’s largely responsible for their future bankruptcy

The attendees seem to lack a sense of irony, or a sense of shame. Perhaps both…so much for critical thinking being taught at those expensive private liberal arts universities where you spent $100k to get a degree so you can make $20k a year. Or wait tables. Shockingly, you can’t raise a family on that

It seems like it’s a generation of people who bought into Disney movies – “everyone can be a star”….”believe in the magic”…blah blah…everyone gets a trophy – live your dreams!! What happens when these kids learn that their parents haven’t been entirely honest with them? That they can’t sing, they can’t dance, they aren’t the best ever just because they tried their best ….?

I wonder if it looks a lot like the OWS protests – a stinky 60’s throwback resembling a grown up Dr Spock temper tantrum.

Then again, perhaps they’re hoping that they can become President someday if they just “organize communities” – maybe people will give them free stuff to go away?

 it could happen….

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