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their kids are hippie chicks – all hypocrites

October 5, 2011

’cause fashion is smashin’ the true meaning of it…

Unfortunately, “intellectualism” has been overtaken by “cool” – and God help us, what cool means now is that it’s every man for themselves as they aim to impress people around them with the image they’ve attached themselves to.

Intellectualism, in today’s society, isn’t about intellect. It’s just a pose, like hipsterism or faux-redneckism. Most of those people who self-identify as intellectuals aren’t especially bright, they’ve just adopted a lifestyle that’s littered with what they think are markers of intelligence.  

Pajamas Media:

“Cool,” as it came to be known in the 1950s and pre-hippie ’60s was always a facade;….and everything has been going to hell ever since.

… The pre-Frank hip guy, the model of aesthetic and moral superiority to which men aspired, is …Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep or Casablanca … He fights a lot, generally on the side of the underdog. He is willing to die for his beliefs, and his beliefs are, although he takes pains to hide it, old-fashioned. He believes in truth, justice, the American way, and love. …. He is forthright, contemptuous of dishonesty in all its forms, from posing to lying.

The new cool man that Sinatra defined was a very different creature. Cool said the old values were for suckers. Cool was looking out for number one always. Cool didn’t get mad; it got even. Cool didn’t go to war: Saps went to war, and anyway, cool had no beliefs it was willing to die for. Cool never, ever, got in a fight it might lose; …  Cool was not knowing but still essentially idealistic; cool was nihilistic. Cool was not virtuous; it reveled in vice. Before cool, being good was still hip; after cool, only being bad was.

wrt  “only being bad” is still hip – does that not explain the need for liberals to identify as anti-establishment, even when they ARE the establishment? 

I happened to be in a class with a woman who was soo proud of being in the Woodstock/protest generation. Her quote to me “I’m the last generation who will be cooler than our kids”. Poor woman – “cool” looks naive but normal on a 20 something – it doesn’t wear well past 50…

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  1. October 9, 2011 12:31 pm

    getting a feeling of status from being “cooler” than your kid. ooh, cringe worthy.

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