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Sign here, send check, your membership card is in the mail….

September 22, 2011

NOW I get why people prescribe to the progressive positions. It’s mail-in-intellectualism!

Sign this document prescribing to the “right, fashionable” positions, send in a check and YOU TOO can be a progressive intellectual!

Considering positions & attempting to learn new stuff is NOT needed! It’s like a diet pill for the brain – look like Beyonce while eating cheetos, drinking beer and watching reality TV! From “The Money Illusion

It seems increasingly clear that Obama doesn’t have a good understanding of economics.  He approaches issues like a very bright non-economist using his common sense…

I recall reading similar statements by his former colleagues at the University of Chicago.  They’d make arguments to him, and he just wouldn’t seem to get the point.  He’s obviously very bright, but it’s also clear that he falls into that relatively large group of Americans who have their own very strong views on economics, and couldn’t care less what professional economists think

But he’s got game. He’s a better speechwriter than his speechwriters. He’s a better policy wonk than his policy experts. He’s….a Luddite?!?

…for 200 year rapid productivity growth didn’t cause any serious unemployment problems in America, but now, right after NGDP collapses, we are to believe it is producing mass unemployment, even though recent productivity gains have been rather lowI’m at a loss for words.  We elected a Luddite as President of the United States.

Hey, results don’t matter. Whether or not he prescribes to the “right, fashionable” way of looking at the world and carries the right degrees (without ever having to confess to the grades he actually earned) is what determines his intellect. And as “everyone knows” – intellect, not results, are what determines the right to govern.

This is the stuff of a Lewis Carroll book.

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  1. ellend permalink
    October 5, 2011 9:14 am

    I find it interesting that at least one article in the MSM called the “Occupy”protest protests the Tea Party with brains. As far as I can tell, there is no unified position, though there have been at least a few signs calling to end capitalism. Guess these people haven’t been following the economic situation in Europe.

    Many of the protesters are the dienfranchised 20 somethings. This does not leave me with much hope for the future .

    Now you don’t need to send a check, just show up at your local Occupy protest and you too can be fashionably liberal.

  2. September 22, 2011 11:06 pm

    The Luddite term seems particularly apt, since their point was not to reject new terminology, but instead organize to destroy anything that they thought threatened their income. Sometimes they destroyed people as well.

    They were a thuggish proto-union, formed exactly two centuries ago to keep unskilled workers from being hired. So, they were an anti-jobs group disguised as a union jobs group. And utterly wrong about the situation — yes, the comparison is easy to find when you Look for the Luddite Label.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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