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Truth hurts…

September 11, 2011

Lots of commentary on the children of the Greatest Generation related to Perry’s comments about Social Security…yeah, he did it. He called it a Ponzi scheme. The baby’s ugly.

A different author asks “Why are the children of the ‘Greatest Generation’ so selfish?” today

… we can’t help but wonder: What, exactly, happened to the children of the “Greatest Generation?” Where is our willingness to sacrifice so that our children can enjoy a life even better than ours?…

5. We refuse to means-test Social Security and Medicare or to come up with a more reasonable method of inflation-indexing Social Security. We will ask the next generation to pay for all of this through higher taxes and slower growth.

6. Unelected leaders came up with a bold long-term solution to our fiscal problems: the Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction recommendations. It ended up dead-on-arrival, however, because our elected leaders do not dare ask the nation to sacrifice for fear that they will be at risk in the next election. Again, better to lay hardships on those too young to vote than to ask today’s voters to sacrifice.

The author has a few favorite philosophies – I also think this particular generation continues to hold materialism from the enlightenment/modern thinkers still – advertising wasn’t a millionaire making business ’til the last 50 years…. What do they care about a legacy if they think this life is all they get?

Someone else’s children will fight the wars; bankers can continue to make huge salaries while others stand in unemployment lines created by bankers’ risky actions; Medicare subsidies will continue to be paid while there are fewer and fewer workers to pay those bills; congress can provide tax cuts for everyone while they vote to incur the increased expense of foreign wars.

Late in the Roman Empire, when the Ottomans were attacking, many Roman “nobles” hid. They hid their children from fighting to save their nation, they hid their money instead of helping hire mercenaries to hold the city. They hid when the Ottomans took the city. “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” talks about the treatment of the Emperor’s body by the Ottoman lord – the body was treated respectfully and buried with honor

The nobles, who conveniently came out of hiding in time to pledge their loyalty to the new master of Rome? The Ottoman lord did away with them, and sold their children into horrible forms of slavery. The Ottomans knew their loyalty was worthless. In their estimation- the word of someone who prefers to live shamefully instead of dying well is meaningless.

Astonishingly, today, the 10th anniversary of 9-11, neither our self-styled political nobility, nor their counterparts in the east understand the same concepts.  To those who think self-immolation and self-preservation will save your rears…might be time to break out that classic again and read for comprehension this time.

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