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Is it “shovel ready” or groundhog day?

September 5, 2011

In the speech to Congress, Obama is expected to call for a mix of individual and business tax credits and public works spending. He will also press lawmakers for swift action on those proposals.

In a preview of the jobs speech he will deliver on Thursday to Congress, Obama told a Labor Day rally that there are numerous roads and bridges that need rebuilding in the U.S., and many construction workers who are available to build them.

 He said lawmakers must move quickly to create jobs, and said his proposal will be a test of whether congressional Republicans will put country ahead of party

Show us what you got” – seriously – this guy graduated from Harvard? “President Obama, with job growth stuck near zero, the simplest question is a domestic one. How do you think jobs are created?”

And, um – not trying to be rude or anything – weren’t there supposed to be $400m or more worth of infrastructure projects done in ’09 – you know, the “Shovel ready that wasn’t” stuff

I suppose he hopefully at least has the good sense to not mention green jobs – ugh

As if President Obama didn’t have enough bad news last week, Solyndra, which manufactures solar panels, filed for bankruptcy and laid off almost its entire work force of 1,100. Going down the tubes with it, of course, is a $535 million loan that was guaranteed by the federal government as part of the stimulus program

By the way – very much like the UAW in the GM bankruptcy, taxpayers who paid for the loan get  paid back last. Once is a chance occurance, twice is a pattern….

There’s nothing left in the toolbox that is a tool these cats will use. And unless they go full Bolshevik – it won’t get better quickly. Go ahead and attend union rallies all you want….this doesn’t change overnight unless you kill the goose, smash the eggs and start shooting the peasantry

No one has yet repealed the law of supply and demand. At last count, there were 4.5 unemployed workers for every job opening. Bargaining power has shifted from labor to capital.

For being a bunch of stupid, illiterate boobs, the “unscrupulous wealthy” and “reckless corporations” seem to see through those bluffs quickly.

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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    September 8, 2011 1:25 pm

    I say groundhog day. Sounds like the same old strategy – throw $300 billion at infrastructure jobs and extend unemployment. Meanwhile the country goes further into debt, making buying power worse for the middle and lower classes that the progressives purport to be protecting.

    Extending unemployment benefits helps lower unemployment how? I don’t know if this is stil true, but when benefits were first extended, some small businesses were having trouble hiring skilled workers because they couldn’t afford to pay more than what some applicants were collecting in unemployment benefits.

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