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Not Buying Vick

August 31, 2011

I’m in a stable location for all of two days, and I was catching up on business news this morning while doing some random chores… Shibani Joshi on Fox Business responded to a story on Michael Vick by simply stating: “I’m not buying Vick.”

Well, Amen.

Look, I’m happy for the guy that his life has turned around.  I admire his athletic skills, though I don’t plan to watch any Eagles games this year.  And many people are certainly saying good things about him, with caution.

Vick becomes the first NFL player to receive two nine-digit contracts in his career, which given how he squandered all of the money the Falcons paid him, begs this question: Will he also become the first player to lose two nine-digit contracts?

Like everything else in his life, Vick said he is trying to learn from his past mistakes. He admitted, “It’s a lot of money, however you look at it,” and promised he would keep his inner circle tight, say no more often than he says yes, and rely on his advisors to help limit the demands on his time and wallet.

Me?  Nope.  Not buying.  To be clear, I haven’t been buying Nike for many years now.  I gave up on them after they spent an entire Olympics saying that second place was the first loser.  They haven’t necessarily enamored me since, and signing Vick again didn’t help.

Again, I have no problem with people who will buy into Vick, or Vick himself.  He served his time, and he’s spent a lot of time and money working to rehabilitate his career and reputation.  He’s welcome to whatever career he can get, and his athletic skills have carved out some serious cash.  It remains to see whether Nike’s endorsement pays off, though I’d suspect that it will.  If so, that will lead to many other endorsements, and I still won’t be buying.

Either way, I’m interested in the results.  I sincerely hope that Mr. Vick is truly reformed and that he learns from his mistakes.  I just don’t plan to support him as he does so.

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