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Defining “intelligent”

August 26, 2011

Although I’m no Rick Perry fan, I am terribly mischevious – particularly when it comes to self-proclaimed intellectuals who believe they carry the card “intelligent” if they blindly agree with everything written in the editoral pages of the NY Times. It’s sort of like union dues in closed-shop states. If you are a teacher, you are in a union. If you agree with the NY Times, you assume the identity of card carrying “intellectual”

Confession: This stuff is NOT bringing out the best in me

Eek! Another Republican moron is running for president, and the blogs on the Left are aghast.Another village in Texas is missing its idiot!

…Kevin Drum at Mother Jones thinks Perry may be too dim for even the doltish American public, while Paul Waldman thinks otherwise. “The doltish candidates seem mostly on the Republican side,” he writes in the American Prospect, while only Democrats have and/or treasure intelligence

I think it is important to outline what doesn’t appear to matter and what DOES appear to matter to the liberal blogging set  as it relates to intelligence in “governing”.

Almost 40 percent of the new jobs that were created happened under Perry in Texas. Liberals who fault that state for its low levels of taxes and spending might ask themselves why, if it is a hellhole, so many people go there and stay there.

Many of them are fleeing states ruled by Democrats, which have high taxes, a strong union presence and a rich array of the programs that Democrats love.

You do NOT have to generate policies leading to job creation to be intelligent. You don’t have to close Guantanamo Bay, you don’t have to change homeland security protocols despite privacy concerns – you do not have to undo the policies of the last “village idiot from Texas” to be intelligent. You don’t have to create a self-supporting green energy industry that can survive without government sustanance. It is intelligent to keep raising the cost on all other energy types to force people into using what you like (but don’t use much yourself). You don’t have to make the deficit smaller to be intelligent – you simply have to make it big for the “right”, intelligent reasons.
The intelligent are free of the burden of proof in measuring action to outcomes.  If an outcome is what they intended, they acknowledge it because it shows the intelligence of the universe in aligning to their assertions about reality. If the outcome is not as intended, some idiot screwed it up & they need to try harder. The intelligent failed to communicate at the level of the unintelligent to align the universe to their desired reality. The unintelligent are known to- mispronounce the word “nuclear”. Mispronouncing other words, particulalry when you want to appear folksy, is intelligent, however.  
As the Examiner puts it – on behalf of the rest of us who have to live here and are less worried about appearing intelligent to impress liberal bloggers:

If this is idiocy, we may want some more idiots, as Lincoln once asked for more drunks in his army…like Gen. Grant.

UPDATE: Proving why strategists aren’t great bloggers – particularly when they have so few readers. Once again I’m too far ahead of the trackbacks...


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