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Podunk narrow horizon thinkers

August 24, 2011

Well, the good news is that he’s let the cat out of the bag on what “pro choice” really means. It’s pro-abortion and anti-population.

The bad news? It shows just how short sighted and narrowminded the “tolerant” set really are

The vice president told an audience at Sichuan University in Chengdu:  “Your policy has been one which I fully understand—I’m not second-guessing—of one child per family.” 

Of COURSE he won’t second guess use of abortion. Would he second guess any of this?

The evil ripple effects for girls of China’s gendercide are astonishing. Because of the dearth of wives, Ling says that trafficking of child brides is epidemic. She told Congress in June that “this is the kidnapping and selling of toddler girls to be raised as slaves. Today in China, 200,000 children a year, usually from poor families, are seized or sold as child brides.” Similarly, sex trafficking is exploding to “service” the overwhelming male population. Ling says girls from surrounding countries are kidnapped or lured under false pretenses and forced to work in brothels

Oh, but we didn’t think they’d implement our methods within THEIR cultures, right? What exactly do these people think will happen – equal opportunity infanticide, in a culture that prefers and values men?

“There has been an American role in what is happening today in Asia. The first Indian hospital to introduce amniocentesis for sex selection…the department there that introduced these tests had been established by a U.S. Population Council resident and had received millions of dollars in funding from U.S. organizations.”

Maybe, maybe not. Are these people telling themselves it’s all about freedom when in reality it’s all about their own prejudices masked as “tolerance” and “helpfulness?” Is it they dislike people who value children, or they really think these particular people should have fewer (and not “over populate the world” with their kind?)

Oh, and who exactly helped in at least one situation? It wasn’t the tolerant, “enlightened” Western democracies

shortly after [Xiao’s] forced abortion, she was interviewed by Al Jazeera. Through this exposure, the local government apologized and gave financial compensation and free housing to the couple.”

Did you catch who DID intervene and call attention to an atrocity? No wonder the east finds us and our culture repugnant. We’re self-indulgent, living beyond our means, value nothing but our own comfort for this generation and won’t stand for the human rights we scold them about. All thanks to the podunk narrow horizon thinkers who happen to NOT live in flyover country. Podunk because they apparently cannot seem to connect action to consequence of action. Narrow horizon thinkers because anyone that implements green technology and forces 1 child Maltusianism in their cultures using imported abortion technology is ok with them – regardless of HOW it is implemented or on whom.

Way to go guys.

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  1. August 25, 2011 6:18 am

    Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. Nicely done.

    • Lynn Comp permalink*
      August 25, 2011 9:47 pm

      Had to be said – I’ve been reading reports about the gap in # of men and women, comparing it to other periods of history where there was a gender gap heavily skewed to male populations and discovered that the dynamics are like a tinderbox. In Rome, the Christians happened to have been rescuing female babies rejected by their Roman fathers & left outside to die – so eventually many Roman men who wanted to marry had to convert to Christianity to be permitted to marry (Christians were forbidden from allowing their children to marry pagans). In Europe, when the vikings converted, Jim tells me there were tons more men than women – voila! Crusades ! (“we believe, now what do we do?!” answer “um, you guys fight a lot. Go fight…..hmmmmm, Jerusalem! Yeah, that’ll do”). These situations have changed history before….

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