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Rick I am Rick I am: I do not like jobs with Texas Ham

August 17, 2011

You knew it was coming….Washington Post writer gets pissy about Texas job growth because…..

  • it’s low wages (think he reads Political math? no, me either)
  • Scant taxes – GASP – but somehow with scant taxes Texas highways are much higher quality than Oregon roads…
  • Few regulations – they have “Don’t mess with Texas” and a generous concealed carry law, plus environmental vigilantes in Austin over the watershed. Doesn’t seem to be an issue
  • Business subsidies – these ebb and flow. Austin gives subsidies long enough to attract businesses, then complains about traffic, goes punative and thenbusinesses move to nearby townships. Dell is 50 ft across the Williamson county line in Round Rock for a reason after all…

tsk tsk tsk. In the authors’ view, “how very third world of them”. Interestingly, Texas also has lower real estate prices – so less need for huge wages to have a decent standard of living.

I find this funny:

The state boasts the highest percentage of minimum-wage workers in the country, and its per capita income still sits below, say, California’s.

…The influx of people means higher demand for services, which naturally creates more jobs. It also pushes down wages, which attracts companies from elsewhere

Oh, you mean that people have to start over because they get into a workforce on the ground floor after having to leave a place like California, where the jobs are leaving? Who’da thunk it!?

And, if there’s a bunch of minimum wage workers, isn’t that better than having no job at all? I thougtht they just raised the minimum wage – now that’s a bad thing….hmmmmmmmmm

Some things Texas also has

  • Right to work (as in, you can’t be forced to unionize to be a teacher – Political Junkie Mom might find that of interest…)
  • Higher property taxes due to something called “Robin Hood” – cap the wealthy school tax intake to a specific “$ per student” level and any $ collected over that amount gets sent to other less well off districts
  • Big honkin bugs that bite – HARD (fire ants, mosquitoes, water bugs…)
  • BBQ – for the uninitiated, it nvolves an offset smoker and indirect heat 🙂
  • Lots of Texas sayings you can shake a stick at. You lie like a rug is one of my favorites. Perry is just an example of a Texas ham. It’s just for color and effect…they are some of the best storytellers however
  • where my in-laws and all my kids cousins still reside

Would I move back? If I had to. I’d really prefer other states with better weather and fewer poisonous creatures in the backyard get jealous enough to emulate as opposed to whine about how unfair it is


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