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U betcha

August 7, 2011

CNN Money: A wide array of supposedly smart people are now informing us that the economy is slowing and may slip back into recession. …. Is the economy truly slowing? Is it really? Or perhaps did the real economy — the one in which we live and operate, not the one fabricated by Wall Street pundits and Washington politicians — never truly rebound?

Negative real GDP readings to me spell one thing. We have never officially gotten out of recession …Talk of green shoots, V-shaped recovery, and assorted other tricks were designed by those who are more interested in your vote, your spending, your purchasing overpriced securities, and your daily trading than your long term economic well being

Yeah. It isn’t going 2 B a “W”, it’s a “U”

And BTW – if U R a T-partier, U better get USED 2 it. Bill Frezza at Real Clear Money

According to Peele, evidence of Tea Party derangement is that members want to “relive the glory years when the United States was awash in goods, services, rising home prices, and a previously unmatched standard of living for the average American.”

In order to have a firm grip on reality, Peele insists that it is essential to accept the fact that “life is getting worse, and there’s no returning to the past!”. Now there’s a campaign slogan to run on. 

There U go folks. U should have known there was no recovery. Now get used 2 the idea of decline, bc if U can’t, U will B labeled a delusional nutcase. “The 1” has recognized this all along and has been trying 2 help U C the light

WSJ:The crippling truth of the Obama presidency is the pessimism of the man, the low expectations he has for this republic. He had not come forth to awaken this country to its stirring first principles, but to manage its decline at home and abroad. So odd an outcome, a man with an inspiring biography who provides no inspiration, a personal story of “The Audacity of Hope” yielding a leader who deep down believes that America’s best days are behind it.

In case U were wondering – Krugman agrees that we never recovered and this is a “U”. Yeah, THAT Krugman

Krugman lashed out at the Obama administration, declaring that “we are not now and have never been on the road to recovery” and that “the economic policy of the past two years” “isn’t working.”

I’ll stop with the TXT-ing now

(UR Welcome)

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  1. August 8, 2011 8:21 am

    After the Great Crash of 1929, when did we emerge from the Great Depression? Hummmmm… didn’t it take something called WWII to pull that off? The current “mess” is going to take a while. Obama’s one term is going down in the history books the same way Hoover’s did. Let’s hope we don’t have another FDR, but one (or two;-) with a mind for Deconstruction of US Socialism. Do we have any competent “Capitalists” remaining in the USSA, or will be have to import some across the Rio Grande? If it isn’t one porblem, it’s another.

    • August 8, 2011 10:31 am

      As Professor Richard Rumelt pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, WWII spending didn’t pull us out of the Depression, higher saving from forced austerity measures did. Indeed, WWII points out how faulty GDP numbers can be – most people were worse off during the war than the Great Depression, which isn’t what you would expect if it was a period of “growth.”

      • August 9, 2011 3:36 am

        Everyone seems to have a little problem with perspective (and language and hearing and..;-). I think it all comes down to where we happen to be standing and which way we’re looking at any given moment in time. Rumelt has made some good points. WWII was many, many “things”; great, catistrophic, and trivial. Let’s hope we aren’t spiriling too quickly into the next War to End All Wars; it is coming, let’s hope later than sooner. Don’t you think that English is really pathetic? Anyhow, since I’m nearly a deaf mute in every other language, it’s also the best I can do. First time by, via DeHavelle.Com blogroll link.

  2. August 8, 2011 6:57 am

    I don’t feel very welcome…

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