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Like an old DOS adventure game…

July 26, 2011

Iowahawk did a brillant satire on the first year of the present administration with the backdrop of those old 1980’s DOS type adventure games (if you are too young to have played one, consider yourself missing out on a quirky era of computing…). See “Beltway Adventure” for a flavor of what it was like….

For anyone that played the games – or attempted to play them, there were a couple subtleties. For example, you could change the source of the game so that when the “adventurer” typed a certain command they’d be insulted instead of given a clear response. You could also be stuck in a never ending loop – the game was simply not sophisticated enough to handle all possible inputs and would on occasion get “stuck” in a series of 3-5 commands. All you can do at that point is reboot the system – no, NOT a blue screen of death. This was BEFORE the blue screen of death….

In certain companies, when people don’t know what to do strategically, they kick off a better process. It has the appearance of doing something – ‘see, we’re doing something to address it! We have a Meeting series scheduled!” In absence of forward momentum, blind activity is accepted. Whether they can’t move forward because they can’t figure out where to start, because they are in denial of where to start, or because they really don’t know what they’re doing at all….it varies.

The debt ceiling discussions are becoming a lot like the DOS adventure games. Instead of insults by the game, it’s demagoguery – instead of a wizard, it’s a hedge fund manager. Instead of a dragon, it’s a  helicopter owner or a $250,000 salaried “millionaire” in our way. Instead of a cavern requiring a secret password to enter, it’s the GOP’s fault.  Instead of being stuck in a cavern with ogres on the way no weapons, and no food “please enter command”, we get speech after speech after speech with no plan.

Instead of presenting a plan, we get scolded. Instead of signing the plan that’s there, we get a do loop. Instead of writing a plan, we get ANOTHER speech about the need for a plan.

Where and when is that upgrade coming?

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  1. July 26, 2011 9:00 am

    At least with those games we had the option to reboot the sucker when it got stuck; now we have to wait for the next election to roll around before we can reset the parameters.

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