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Local Politics

July 25, 2011

Ah, I see my congressman is representing my desires and values fairly again.  I was going to link to this last week, but I decided instead to help a local student build a nice week-long training course to recruit women to engineering.  I figured it’d be less stress-inducing.  In the meantime, the Wu-ser refuses to resign even in the face of his own leader calling in the ethics cops.  Oh, wait, Ms. Pelosi calling for ethics investigations is like the K-9 unit showing up with a Basset Hound.  Never mind.

Meanwhile, Jim Geraghty asks if OR-1 can really move from blue to red.

So how are the Republican chances in an open seat race? As the Cook Political Report noted, “Redistricting made this district about two points more Republican, as it gave up some of its Multnomah County (Portland) precincts to the urban 3rd CD.” They also note, “An early march SurveyUSA poll found that 46 percent of voters thought he should resign, compared to just 42 percent who thought he should stay in office. Furthermore, the poll found voters would back Cornilles in a hypothetical rematch, 41 percent to 33 percent.”

I think the wild-card in this is the strong Libertarian leaning of the outlying areas of OR-1.  There’s usually a significant portion of the voting block, say a couple percent, that swing to Libertarian — or even Constitution — candidates, and that’s enough to diminish the strong population of Democratic voters closer to town.  It’s not that it’s impossible.  I often say you could run a blind squirrel with a D behind its name in OR-1 and it’d win.  Maybe if it was dead, too, the Republicans could pull a win…

Seriously, though, I pray for Congressman Wu and hope that he gets help before his behaviors become too self-destructive.  If he starts covering Amy Winehouse songs on karaoke night (and if you know his history, this ain’t far from reality), then I think we’ll have to call in the wagon fast.

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