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Freedom of Choice

June 22, 2011

As a caveat, I’ll say that I’m a father only in the sense that my kid has four paws and sheds.  I plan to outlive most of my children, but I’ll keep having them.  Of course, dogs are considered evil by some enviro-whackos, so I’m already in trouble. (Side note: dogs are not evil.  Cats are.  There.)

So anyway, when some gasbag who’s spent years telling me that I can’t, as a conservative, tell people how they should live their lives now tells me how I should live my life, I get amused.

In an appearance Monday in New York City, former Vice President Al Gore, prominently known for his climate change activism, took on the subject of population size and the role of society in controlling it to reduce pollution.

He offered some ideas about what might be done for females in the name of stabilizing population growth. (h/t Chris Horner via

The non-argumentative language this is framed in is all about “empowering and educating women.”  Wonderful.  If you say you’re against his ideas, then you can be painted with a broad brush of “hating women.”  But honestly, the goal here is to drive a more “progressive” decision in terms of how to have children.  This is a similar type of “progressive” decision that China has been pushing on its population for the past couple decades.  Essentially it says that you have to consider society before you actually have children, and society is the one that gives you the guidelines and frame.

So it’s okay to have kids as long as you fill out the paperwork on the environmental impact and promise to buy less gas, a CFL per month, and have the kid contribute a kidney when one of the Kennedy’s loses theirs in an unfortunate accident.  If you want to have a kid because you want a family, that’s bad.  As a person who gets pressure on occasion because I don’t have kids, I sympathize with people who make decisions that go against the grain.  So I welcome all the six-kid desirers out there to speak up for their rights… “My body, my choice!”

I’ll now remove my tougue from my cheek and go back to my regular program.

Updated:  Allahpundit notes what I forgot to note.  The guy’s got four kids.  Thanks for givins us after-the-fact guidance.
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