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Real power, pretend power

May 23, 2011

What came first – the rudeness and entitlement – or the power that engenders rudeness and entitlement? From Scientific American

Powerful people often bend the rules. But here’s a twist: If someone breaks rules, are they then perceived as powerful?…..
being publicly rude also seemed to engender a perceived sense of power. A hundred twenty-six subjects watched one of two videos. One of a man sitting in a sidewalk café and acting courteously, the other of the same man stretching his legs out on a chair next to him, tossing his cigarette ashes wherever, and barking orders at the cafe staff. Subjects thought the crude man was more likely to be a decision-maker and get his way than the same man behaving himself.

Of course, there’s “powerful” in certain coastal Euro-wanna-be  areas – and jeesh, there’s a lot of THEM, and then there’s “powerful” in other less refined places…can you imagine the Metro-intellects in the face of an alligator?

Where’s TR when you need someone to show what real men are like (as opposed to men who are only convinced of their manliness when they…grossly misbehave)

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