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Good Job, Mr. President

May 1, 2011

Just a quick note, as I’ve been really busy these past few days with a work project, and I’ll write on that later.  But I was in the yard all day working, so I just logged on, and I saw that Osama Bin Laden is at room temperature.

Occasionally we have people on the blog who complain that we don’t like this current administration, and that we never said anything about the prior administration.  We usually reply that we weren’t around for the last one, but we didn’t like them very much either.

So I want to make sure I get it out now.  This administration kept up the pressure in Pakistan and elsewhere using drone strikes, which I always thought was a good strategy from my limited experience.  Yes, it was a political nightmare, but we’re at war, and occasionally you have to be politically insensitive to win the war.  Taking out a strong leader on the enemy side is always a good thing, and the consistent hunt for Bin Laden has been a thorn in the US side.

Clearly, the war on terror is not over, but I give credit to this administration for doing what was needed to get OBL.  Good job, Mr. President, and everyone who had the sense to keep up the pressure.  Go get some more.

Updated:  From the latest news, it sounds like it wasn’t a drone strike, but solid intelligence that lead to a raid where he was shot and killed.  My comment still stands… keeping up the pressure and getting Pakistani intelligence to participate is a great effort.  Let’s all celebrate a victory in the continuing war.

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  1. May 1, 2011 8:37 pm

    I agree, and join you in congratulating President Obama on this success.

    One odd aspect: I’ll wager — perhaps before anyone else does — that we will discover that Usama bin Ladin was killed about four days ago. I say this because I noted a pattern in the news over the past three days of White House sources saying how important it was to take out UbL. I’ll wager that when these “sources” allowed this to “leak” — it was because he was already in the bag.

    ===|==============/ Level Head

    • May 1, 2011 8:57 pm

      Hey, that’s good strategy. You always back up good news by setting the context. Maybe the admin is learning something.

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