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Spenders anonymous

April 10, 2011

Hoo boy. Care to see the “Compulsive Shoppers Checklist” and compare it to the end of the free world, I mean, budget realities setting in with the Democrats?

  • Do you “take off for the stores” when you’ve experienced a setback or a disappointment, or when you feel angry or scared? (those darn dictators didn’t respond to my hand of friendship….let’s set domestic policy)
  • Are your spending habits emotionally disturbing to you and have they created chaos in you life? (Need more vacations to relieve that office stress from 10 mins of budget negotiations?)
  • Do your shopping habits create conflicts between you and someone close to you  (how bout your constituents that voted you in office – remember 2010 Town hall meetings)?
  • Do you buy items with your credit cards that you wouldn’t buy if you had to pay cash? (Sell more Treasuries!!!!)
  • When you shop, do you feel a rush of euphoria mixed with feelings of anxiety? (it’s those Republicans. If they’d shut up I’d be fine)
  • Do you feel you’re performing a dangerous, reckless or forbidden act when you shop? (remember the giddy euphoria over passing Obamacare?
  • When you return home after shopping, do you feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed or confused? (how many different selling points did we hear over Obamacare, or the Stimulus)
  • Do you lie to your family or friends about what you buy and how much you spend? (We have to spend MORE MONEY to make money!!!! Unemployment checks are stimulating the economy!)
  • Would you feel “lost” without credit cards? (QE2…?.)
  • Do you think about money excessively – how much you have, how much you owe, how much you wish you had – and then go out and shop again? (Those da– conservative rich people should just hand over all their $$$$)
  • Do you spend a lot of time juggling accounts and bills to accommodate your shopping debts? (QE2? T-bill auctions?)

Yeah. They’re addicts : actor Tim Robbins compared proposed cuts to an “old miserly man snatching a crayon out of a baby’s hand.”

Actually – it’s the other way around. The boomer set are eating the harvest they should have been setting aside so their grandkids have a country they can live in too once they’re gone. But they’ll be dead by then, so who cares

The Democrats brought events to this pass by neglecting to pass a budget last year, when they had control of both the House and the Senate.

Remember the first step towards sobriety is admitting you have an addiction….refusing to even open the checkbook to see how far you fell behind in your payments is hardly a great first step

Mark Steyn

America, 2011: … A guy who has never generated a dime of wealth, never had to make payroll, never worked at any job other than his own tireless self-promotion, literally cannot comprehend that out there … are people who drive a long distance to jobs whose economic viability is greatly diminished [with $4/gallon gas]…

What’s about to hit America is …. what Paul Ryan calls “the most predictable crisis in the history of our country.”…The spending of the class that laughs at the class that drives to work to maintain President Obama, Sen. Reid, Sen. Baucus, Sen. Harkin and Minority Leader Pelosi’s “communications director” in their comforts and complacency.

The Democrats’ solution to the problem is to deny there is one.

Well, eventually it will smack them in the face – check out these charts at Minyanville….particularly the “After QE2 who will buy Treasury supply?” chart. Imagine the tantrums then….

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  1. April 11, 2011 11:34 am

    You’re absolutely right to point out that Dems wouldn’t have gotten themselves into such a pickle if the had simply passed a budget as they are constitutionally required. After the November results, I’m really surprised they didn’t do it in December.

    • Lynn Comp permalink*
      April 11, 2011 9:07 pm

      Frankly, I’m not sure how they can come out of this with a winning position. Um, spending isn’t a big deal except we agreed with the Republicans we achieved something of “unprecedented” greatness by reducing it? The stimulus didn’t work because it wasn’t big enough but we agree we should spend less? At some point “pragmatic” means “utterly without core principles except holding together my fragile self image”

  2. April 10, 2011 10:31 pm

    A telling aspect of the Democrats’ spending embarrassment is that no one that they could find, or chose to include, in the Obama campaign kickoff video voiced any pride at Obama’s accomplishments.

    Not one person.

    All one could say was that they “respect” Obama, despite disagreements. But this administration — a triple Dem of spending for two years — has had enormous success putting through spending policies. Didn’t ANY of that warrant a “Yay Team” from the people chosen to represent this big launch?

    Or is it possible that the Obama marketers realize that their only chance is to sell “Hope and Change II” — and that the man with the most broken campaign promises will deliver it, this time, for sure.

    I’ll wager that we will see Obama stumping for transparency in government, and fiscal restraint. I’d not be surprised that he even talks about shutting down Guantanamo, ending renditions, and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (And oh by the way, Libya.)

    But will spending actually be decreased? Only by a massive, sustained effort, over the administration’s (and media’s) vehement objections and behind-the-scene maneuvering.

    ===|==============/ Level Head


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