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Extreme Home Makeover edition…

April 6, 2011

I’ve realized that the average citizen loves a melodrama – a pantomime. That’s the only logical explanation for the popularity of “reality” TV (Big Brother, The Bachelor, Real Housewives, blah blah blah), Glenn Beck, Keith Olberman, WFW, and I could go on….

Something about drama – and drama queens – the average audience eats it up. That’s what was so interesting about the 2008 election. The wrapping paper of the product was vision, ideals….the content of the package was pure cold hearted pragmatism. At the heart, a modern day Pontius Pilate who says “What IS truth?” and proceeds to do whatever it takes to gain and hold power.

Patterico  “Some of you may argue Obama is a socialist, Communist, fascist but I think you’re actually giving him way too much credit – he’s an opportunist.”

….How is Obama playing with his own base? Look at how MSNBC / The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur responds to Barack Obama’s first 2012 campaign commercial….

‘Actually do things you believe in…if there are, in fact,things you believe in’

According to the 2008 nomination acceptance speech… by electing Obama…

  • The oceans would cease to rise (does leaking nuclear plants count?)
  • our planet would begin to heal (the spring of Islamic revolutions…?)
  • other countries would stop fighting and sit down to have adult conversations
  • We would stop having illegal wars not approved by Congress
  • We’d show a more understanding face to the world – extend the hand of friendship to our enemies and have them respond in kind (how’s that going with Iran?)

You get the drift.  Are Americans pragmatic – when it comes to Libya will they “judge [Obama]  on whether his approach works,” rather what he says or doesn’t say about it.

Or will they want more  hazy “change they can believe in?”

How about we split the difference, have the challengers run their proposed reforms around the theme  “America 2012: Extreme Home Makeover edition”, find some great dramas/sob stories – and appear visionary about having some substance?

Considering the opposing incumbant platform. You have a choice of “change begins with us” — or as a commenter at Patterico points out – the Democratic platform which will:

end war… and racism… and capitalism… and my body my choice… but i want a government takeover of healthcare… i should be free to do whatever i want as long as i don’t hurt anyone else… unless it is smoking in a public place, accepting below minimum wage or refusing to join a union… and save the environment… and free tibet… and save darfor… no free speech for corporations… except the NYT, WAPO, NBC, CNN… 

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