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Bear meat: All you need is someone you can out run or trip….

April 4, 2011

There’s a joke for anyone who is on a wilderness hike with a group in an area with bears. Do you need a pistol in a possible bear encounter? Nah. Do you need a bear bell? Nah. All you need is to ensure there’s 1 person slower than you in the group – and you’ll be fine in the case of a bear encounter.

So, with that intro – the union reps have found their new bear meat, given the taxpayers & governor  in Wisonsin dropped their packs, lightened their load& started running towards reduction of their ongoing costs (automatically deducted dues)

Piece of Work in progress: The lie is that government employee unions actually care about, protect, and work honestly and diligently on behalf of their members.

They don’t….according to each of the revised contract drafts (a representative sample of which you can find here), the county would have the power through 2013 to:

  • Implement a 0% pay increase each year
  • Hire and fire at will in the face of economic difficulty
  • Change or even abolish pay classifications
  • Deetermine type and level of healthcare coverage offered
  • Increase healthcare contribution levels over time
  • Set the level of pension contributions

…..employees were almost guaranteed to get a better shake from the county under the Budget Adjustment Bill. Instead, the contracts “bargained” by union reps are nothing short of, ummm…draconian…

AFSCME, SEIU, and the WPPA all willingly threw their own members right under the bus in order to make sure they REMAINED members and paid FORCED UNION DUES for another 33 months. It wasn’t about providing certainty to union members at all. Rather, it was about providing certainty to union BOSSES, who couldn’t afford to lose access to automatic extraction of dues from all of those lovely, lovely government employee paychecks.

 The reality is that for the union bosses, the union members are a meal ticket. The union members are the ants, the union bosses are the grasshoppers, and the members are expendable. If economic reality comes along meaning someone’s interests have to go, well, it won’t be the union bosses who go first.

Speaking of expendable, Iowahawk has a great rundown of just how much of our budget gap would be closed by tripping the rich in front of the oncoming bear and confiscating all corporate profits to feed him

We’ll make it through July 1st of the first year by confiscating all corporate profits, all millionaires and everything from anyone making over $250k. For a fun pictorial, see “Eat the rich”

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