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We prefer to NOT call it “Imperialism”

March 28, 2011

I was struck reading a Hot Air post on incoherent energy policy after coming back from a spring break whirlwind tour that reminded me of the reasons I no longer live in the Northeast.

we have no coherent energy plan from this administration.  Instead it seems to have gone to war with the oil industry and is doing everything it can to slow its ability to find and exploit these resources.  19,000 jobs and 1.1 billion in earnings have been lost since the imposition of the administration’s moratorium…Meanwhile our President touts foreign oil, our investment in it and claims we’ll be its “best customer”.

Bruce McQuain’s point in his article is that renewables are a fantasy if the objective is to reduce dependence upon foreign oil – which I agree with. But what is more disturbing is the rank philosophical hypocrisy that is causing the incoherent policy.

If we want a clean environment, and do not want to drill because we don’t want to pollute our natural resources and beauty, that’s a great desire. The fact that we’re willing to pay someone else to pollute their backyard so we don’t have to is classic imperialistic behavior. Colonialism wasn’t just about resource acquisition and who got paid to exploit natural resources. Exploiting those resources also tended to leave a mess in someone else’s backyard that the imperialistic power could conveniently ignore, pretending that “across the ocean” it really wasn’t that bad, that the natives really liked living in dirty polluted squallor and they were really just lucky to be making so much more money than they ever had in the past.

Don’t believe me? Read some history – read some literature – from the British Empire, or the French colonies.

The fact that our government is willing to pay someone else for the resources doesn’t change the fact that their condescending attitude towards “those other natives” allows them to pay someone to pollute THEIR backyard. So it’s not about saving the environment – it’s really so that we can continue looking the other way & keeping our views clear while someone else works and lives in pollution we won’t ourselves.

Like the Kennedy’s, they love drilling and windfarms …in someone ELSE’S view. They also love the poor people…because it gives the Kennedy buddies a place to put the windfarms the Kennedy’s would rather not see themselves.

Updated: Hot Air noticed something similar today…


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