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Re-read for comprehension…

March 3, 2011

wow. Now I know that asking certain individuals to think through their positions before taking the positions might be asking them too much…from

Gov. Chris Christie, long at odds with unions over his budget-cutting ways, said that he’s ready to start negotiating with state worker unions – and that he “loves” collective bargaining….

Whoa. What did he just say?

 “I’ve said let’s get rid of civil service and let everything be collectively bargained, as long as collective bargaining is fair, tough, adversarial and there’s someone in that room representing you.”

Yeah. Remember Christie is a courtroom prosecutor. READ THE TEXT CAREFULLY. Note word “Adversarial”

What he said was:

  1. Get rid of Civil service. I.e., significantly reduce the number of permanent government employees. Definition of civil service –   all the government departments of a state and the people who work in them
  2. Ensure someone is in the room that represents you. I.e, taxpayer representatives have a seat – not just unions and the politicians they elect

Did the unions notice this? Nope. They read the words “love” and “collective bargaining” in the same sentence.

Communications Workers of America spokesman Bob Master said he takes Christie’s “love” of collective bargaining with a grain of salt.

“You can’t love collective bargaining and want to unilaterally ram health care changes through the legislature in two weeks’ time,” Master said. “Those are not consistent.”


There.Would.Be.No.Government.Employees. Hellooooooooo…..

this is as good as the Wisconsin kid, aka “Noodle boy” who thought it was a dictatorship that in working at Noodles he couldn’t cook what he felt like & maintain employment (because no one wants to eat his cooking perhaps?)

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