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February 24, 2011

According to some authors public employee unions and government employees DESERVE to make more money because

  • They’re more educated (i.e. not working class)
  • They’re more talented & they’d go to private industry if we didn’t pay them more

According to other authors, public employee unions are the key to protecting the working class. Their wages are KEEPING a middle class in existence

So guys – are they higher class, better educated, more talented? Or are they working class, less educated, and the last hold out of those who cah achieve middle class earning power without being white collar / college educated?

Speaking of class, I think these guys are more class that’s a “work-in-progress”. Or “working on getting some class”. They haven’t achieved any class whatsoever yet, unless it’s the vulgar, mouthy, crude, think-the-f-bomb-is-a-noun-adjective-verb-and-adverb type of class. This couldn’t be the ‘they’re so much better educated they deserve to earn more than the private sector’ types….maybe they’re the lackeys for the ‘they-deserve-to-earn-more’ crowd….

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  1. February 25, 2011 8:34 am

    I don’t agree that rich people get rich because they’re smarter. In some cases, they might have more education in a specific area, but plenty of dumb rich people take large fortunes and turm them in to smaller ones.

    But having captial enables you to get more capital. If I have a plan that makes me a solid 10% on my money, there’s a results difference when I start with $100 or $1M.

    But there’s also the option to band together into a corporate structure that enables the pooling of a lot of small dollars, or one that attracts venture funding to get the big dollars. I think what many of the discussions the union members are having miss the point that it’s the unions that are in part preventing the corproate structure from actually getting a larger pool of money for eventual return.

    And of course in the public sector there is no monetary return, so it’s just a drain on private resources through taxes.

  2. February 24, 2011 9:27 pm

    there is the “economic clue” class and there is the “don’t you realize that people with class don’t do or say that stuff” class.
    seriously – I feel like I’m watching my drunk, alcoholic grandfather in these videos. I feel like I’m having to explain that not everyone from that background acts this way, that some of us know better…
    and they wonder why “rich people” get rich? how about “um, they’re SMARTER”

  3. Ellen D. permalink
    February 24, 2011 5:42 pm

    I think at least some of public sector employees belong to “I need to buy and economic clue” class. Last summer I saw an editorial from a public sector employee who was complaining about his peers in the private sector telling him his wage and benefit package exceeds those for similar jobs in the private sector. The gist of his post was that he thought it was time for the public sector wages and benefits to set the standard for pay and benefits, not the private sector.

    A few days later someone pointed out that the private sector has to compete in the global economy and has other economic realities the public sector appears to ignore.

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