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I found the economic stimulus!!!

February 22, 2011

Here it was…hiding right under my nose

Unions spent about $400 million on ads and get-out-the-vote efforts to help elect Mr. Obama and other Democrats in 2008.

So, the ad agencies on Madison ave, the private bus companies and the local union printing shop all went gang busters!

The results – not so great.

The actions follow elections last fall that put GOP governors and Republican majorities in charge of statehouses across the region. Several of the new governors ran campaigns promising to go after public union benefits and to weaken their bargaining powers….

Union leaders backed losing candidates across the upper Midwest in 2010, and have so far struggled to benefit from anxiety about job security and wages.

I think it’s because people figured out that while Republicans had to beg from “big money” and the Koch brothers, the taxpayers got to fund the Democratic party, regardless of who we voted for….

Democrats and labor leaders are denouncing the legislative moves as an effort to dismantle the labor movement and deprive the Democratic Party of one of its largest sources of money

Have to admit, it’s a lot easier to ride that gravy train & allow the stage governments to collect your union dues for you so you can send it right back to them than it is to go begging to those EEEVIL Wall Street capitalists who were so greedy that the overly optimistic actuarial assumptions made in the pension plans couldn’t come true.

You see, as Ezra Klein puts it

Just as the public pays some of the costs of unions, they also reap many of the benefits. The weekend is one of those benefits, and so too are the pensions and health-care packages that many employers offer.A lot of the safety rules that many workers take for granted were the product of union agitation and pressure….

Of course, those were instituted 40 years ago after these disasters, noted by Jonah Goldberg

It’s been said that during World War I, U.S. soldiers had better odds of surviving on the front lines than miners did in West Virginia coal mines…

Do you recall the Great DMV cave-in of 1959? How about the travails of second-grade teachers recounted in Upton Sinclair’s famous schoolhouse sequel to “The Jungle”?

Yup. We owe those public sector unions for preventing the next DMV cave in, and from the horror of mushy tater tots in elementary school cafeterias….

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