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Predictable tantrums and “You’re cut off!!”

February 18, 2011

Anyone seen trailers for this show?

You’re Cut Off! is a VH1reality show that premiered on June 9, 2010. It features nine spoiled young women who thought they were going to be featured on a show called The Good Life.[1]They are surprised instead to be informed that their families have cut them off from their money due to their spoiled ways, will be required to participate and pass an eight week rehabilitation program in order to be taken back, and that the series will chronicle this process

Show 1: After being instructed to downsize all their belongings they brought with them into a single duffel bag, they are brought to live in a comparatively modest house with limited space, no servants, and limited allowances for groceries and certain comforts that will be predicated on their performance in the program.

Show 2: The girls are given the task of cleaning the house, but a few of them refuse, and show no deference to the maid who is provided to show them how to clean. Laura then informs them that the maid is actually the head of a cleaning service which the girls must now work for

Show 3: The women are first given the task of completing their chores in order to earn their $200 allowance for food. Gia, Chrissy, and Jessica refuse to do them, thus reducing the spending money to $125…

Show 4: The women must write their a resumes for a job interview, though Gia refuses both…

Show 5: Gia uses her position as VIP for her benefit, assigning two chores to Pamela, whom she has grown to dislike, and using the grocery money to buy herself a birthday cake, refusing to get any of the items requested by Erica, Pamela or Jacqueline. …At the group session, Gia openly admits she exploited her privileges, and that she has no regard for the others’ feeling.

Does this look at ALL familiar to what’s happening between the Obama WH and Wisconsin immediately – show coming real soon now to a state near you because the problem shows up everywhere as long as the House decides to say “we have no money to spend, we’re sorry. You’re cut off, live within your means”

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  1. Lynn Comp permalink*
    February 19, 2011 6:29 pm

    I couldn’t watch much of it, but the shot of the African-American princess FLIPPING OUT (not sure what her name was vs the characters mentioned)…well, it’s pretty dang similar

    Which is interesting because these are girls living off the largesse of their parents (presumably) hard work – the unions are living off the largesse of the workers around them. What STUNS me is how much further the unions have pushed past the mafia when it comes to understanding that if you destroy your own neighborhood in the process of running your embezzelment schemes, people are more apt to help take you out vs. look the other way. I am stunned at how the public employee unions really do not care about their own communities – it’s more banana republic dictator than it is mafia behavior. It’s reflecting the worst possible stories about the aristocracy that were overthrown through most of Europe….

  2. February 19, 2011 1:54 pm

    ha ha ha. I just happened across this show one night when I was channel surfing. It was hilARious when they were given the news via video screen by their parents or sugardaddy that they were cut off. When they thought they were on some kind of “Paris Hilton’s BBF” spin off or summat.

    Comedy. Gold.

    Then they started the actual challenges, and I couldn’t last another 5 minutes thru the whining and the attitudes.

    I didn’t put it together, but now that you mention it, yes. The same attitude is apparent in all the vid clips over the past two years, from Bob “who are you” Etheridge to Pete Stark and countless others.

    Spoiled brats.

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