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Using any means…including your kids

February 17, 2011

As a parent – I’ve seen this more than I care to mention – from Hot Air

…taking the kids out of classes to march with them underscores another significant concern of the public regarding education.  Most of the students marching with their teachers had no idea of the finer points of Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to bring teacher pension contributions in line with the private sector, a position the union called “slavery” just a couple of months before conceding the point.  Nor do they understand the budget gap that Walker faces, or the nuances of economic policy, tax burdens, and growth policies.  All they know is what their teachers told them — and that speaks to political indoctrination conducted in public schools by activist teachers, and the inability of parents and communities to weed out inappropriate politicking in classrooms.

Frankly, given the level of independent thought in some of the teachers and their zombie-like indoctrination, it’s been fairly easy to pick it apart while at home since my kids are fairly intelligent, independent thinkers. However, it takes a lot of vigilance – if you look at what our friend NoOneofAnyImport had to do with her 3rd grader textbooks, you have to stay on top of the curriculums. I’m not sure I always do a great job – and  I’m more aware of the games being played because my mother saw them all (as a teacher in a forced union state).

It’s not just teachers’ unions – see this article “Farewell, my lovely“. The unions run California as well, and care as much about the upkeep and general state of affairs about as much as banana republics care about the state of the nation relative to the state of their own pocketbooks.  

when Brown looks out on Democrat-controlled California, he seems less like Caesar at the Rubicon than Wojciech Jaruzelski at the Gdansk Shipyard. Brown is champion of a workers’ party with monopoly control, yet all his plans are being derailed by a labor movement nobody can harness….Legislative analyst Mac Taylor acknowledges in his current fiscal outlook report that the estimate leaves out billions in funding shortfalls at the pension funds for public school teachers and University of California employees. In the next 10 years, taxpayers will most likely be on the hook for somewhere between $325 billion and $500 billion. (Over the past five years, state revenues averaged $94.5 billion per year.)

I think this is the interesting bit about the unions – it has shifted into a polarizing “we are the good, you are the evil” mind set, away from pride in a job well done, for living in their community and contributing a greatly needed service to society over all. When “good for society as a whole” comes between them and their pay, well…let’s just say they’re unlikely to be described as “the greatest generation” along with the WWII generation who sacrificed for the freedom of the world.

That’s what makes them more banana-republic-dictator’s-support-thug and enforcement crew

The public-sector union tantrums, meant to make lawmakers wobble, have an inadvertent message for the rest of us: Voters can vote all they want. We can elect a cheapskate governor and a Legislature to match. But come the moment, unions will have the last, loudest word.

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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    February 17, 2011 10:50 pm

    In Austin, due to budget pressures, they are being forced to close schools – like many areas around the country. Parents and students are protesting and the teachers are being interviewed by the news media and complaining how they put in XX years and will have to start all over. I wonder how many of those parents would be willing to pay more taxes to keep their favorite school open.

    The same newscast reported the closure of Border’s bookstores in the area and stated the number of jobs lost, but they didn’t interview any of the people who would be put out of work.

    I also saw an article about the head of the Oregon employees union complaining about how many concessions their members gave up in order to have state paid lifelong health insurance not only for themselves, but their family and pension benefits. Nobody seems to care that many people in the private sector have gone without wage increases for years too or lost their jobs, but don’t get those benefits.

  2. February 17, 2011 6:28 pm

    Thanks for the link! It’s fascinating, the yin and yang of a child’s maleability v. his own will and innate tendencies.

    But scary when we realize that, today, the kids are being potentially indoctrinated by teachers who were indoctrinated by teachers who were indoctrinated by the original “fight the man” hippies of the 60’s . . .

    So we are on the fourth generation now. Do I have the generational numbers right? Lol

    Anyway, some wicked intellectual inbreeding at this point, when these WI kids are going along with the teacher’s protest, wouldn’t you say?

  3. February 17, 2011 10:44 am

    For all the independence kids claim to want, they have a strong tendency to believe what they’re told by the adults that are around them the most. That’s fine if parents actually choose to do the parenting. It’s fine if teachers are encouraging them to think.

    I’m less clear on what happens when impressionable kids are “told” to believe something that has many facets. Where are the adults like the ones that taught me to ask questions?

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