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Bishops, knights, queens, pawns….

February 16, 2011

I was struck in reading an article about George Soros (who one commenter cleverly nicknames “Sorosman” in honor of Lord of The Rings) how his perspectives really are not much different from the kings of France leading up to the Revolution – they’re simply cast in a secular light, and do homage to Nietzche

At age 72 — with 58 years for reflection — George Soros described his year of living under Nazi rule as “the most exciting time of my life.” That was the same year Soros’ own uncle, along with his wife and children, were “deported” to Auschwitz….It caused George no real grief. “We were somehow above them,

…knowing all these gruesome details after the war, George Soros still described that year of the Hungarian Holocaust, during which his own hands had delivered “deportation” notices and confiscated Jewish properties, as “the most exciting time of my life.

What did Nietzche say?

…the Übermensch represents a higher biological type reached through artificial selection and at the same time is also an ideal for anyone who is creative and strong enough to master the whole spectrum of human potential, good and “evil”, to become an “artist-tyrant”... Nietzsche intended the ultra-aristocratic figure of the Übermensch to serve as a Machiavellian bogeyman of the modern Western middle class and its pseudo-Christian egalitarian value system

And then from a Philosophy text on Nietzche’s writings

“The noble person despises what is weak…they are not moved by the suffering of common be noble, one’s response to suffering, in oneself as much as in others must not be to alleviate it, but to use it in becoming greater still….

Sorosman is pretty much following suit – most of the commenters at Pajamas Media focus on him as a big funding bogeyman with no moral compass. What I think we have to pay greater attention to is that it isn’t just him – The New Global Elite

For the super-elite, a sense of meritocratic achievement can inspire high self-regard, and that self-regard—especially when compounded by their isolation among like-minded peers—can lead to obliviousness and indifference to the suffering of others.

… A little more than a decade ago, for instance, I spoke to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, at that moment the richest man in Russia. “If a man is not an oligarch, something is not right with him,” Khodorkovsky told me. “Everyone had the same starting conditions, everyone could have done it.”…

many American plutocrats suggest, as Khodorkovsky did, that the trials faced by the working and middle classes are generally their own fault.

And this is why I think that we come to the last reference point – if you aren’t a highly placed like minded friend, or a highly placed differently minded enemy – you are no more than a pawn in the game of acquiring and wielding power. From The Hill “Pelosi’s Path to Victory”

The president’s budget and congressional responses will have a revolutionary impact on American politics that will either cement the total domination of the right and humiliation of progressives in the battle of ideas, or pave the way for House Dems to restore Democratic control in 2012.

The budget is nothing more than a political means to manipulate elections by which they can regain power. It’s a game to be played, not a nation to govern.


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