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What’s So Bad About Global Climate Change?

February 14, 2011

The Register today has a nice little bit about recent research on climate change.  You can say that humans contribute to it, or you can say they don’t, but you do have to say that there’s more than human contribution to the equation.

“Based on our findings, it seems unlikely that man-made global warming would cause a permanent El Niño state,” says Professor Alan Kemp, one of the boffins carrying out the new research.

Kemp and his colleagues determined their findings by analysing sediment cores taken from a ridge beneath the Arctic. They focused on layers of sediment deposited around 70 million years ago in the late Cretaceous, in which they found fossilised diatoms – tiny plankto-plants.

Thus, if ice retreat led to permanent ENSO or AO/NAO conditions, one would expect to see evidence in the fossils. Some scientists say that in the past long periods of continuous ENSO conditions have definitely occurred.

To translate: even when there really was a high incidence of CO2 in the atmosphere, the oceans kept right on shifting like they have been recently.  So there’s jack that humans can do to change some of the things that are happening out there.  Sure, there are plenty of things we CAN do, but we don’t know how that will precisely affect global climate.

Okay all that said, here’s my question for the day… what’s so bad about a global climate change?  Look earlier in the article and see this:

This would mean major permanent changes to climate and weather around the world, many of which – for instance droughts and massive rainfalls in different areas during ENSO events – would be seen as disasters in their local regions.

Ah, so all the stuff that people are blathering about really doesn’t mean that the earth burns to cinder in a haze of gas-car-fueled smog.  It just means that it rains more somewhere else and less some-somewhere else.

Hmmm.  Is that what it’s really all about?  Is this a movement that’s playing on the fears of people that their own little hometown environment might change for the worse while the folks in Eastern Bratslavia might actually stand to benefit from our dry farmlands?  First, I’m not so sure that our farmlands are in jeopardy or anything other than being pulled completely into big-factory farming, which will happily find ways to continue to farm (well, unless you’re harming bait fish, but that’s the government for you).  Second, maybe those kind citizens in EB might have a better handle on how to grow food for food’s sake, rather than growing it to replace easily-plentiful gasoline and raising food prices in the meantime.

It’s “food for thought” (pun intended, and I don’t apologize for it), but is all this hysteria really about keeping the status quo of nation states?  I’ll try looking through this lens a few more times to see what comes visible.

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  1. February 15, 2011 7:55 am

    The problem now for me is, that the “climate change” stuff has been so tainted with politcs, bias and corruption that none of it can trusted anymore.

    Layers of sediment with tiny plankto-plants . . . . It’s all very interesting, but it’s too complicated to be a basis for changing the way we run our lives.

    When too many scientific details exist, well my brain doesn’t want to juggle them and I oversimplify.

    Like this: Even with satellite images to help, forecasts on tomorrow’s local weather are frequently wrong. So why should we be trusting anyone’s long-term predictions for the climate of the entire globe?

  2. February 14, 2011 11:35 am

    You stated my sentiments exactly Mr. Fister. For all the hype the Globull Climate Change prognosticators put forth, it’s really as simple as the freaking weather changes, has been for eons. Man’s input on Climate Change is naught but a fart in a windstorm if you’ll forgive the coarse analogy. 😉


    • February 14, 2011 11:49 am

      Am I downwind or upwind of your comment? 🙂

      I’m all for recognizing change in the climate and preparing for eventualities. I’m not all for ruining the economy to no effect.


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