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Quick Report from Iraq

February 1, 2011

What with all the fun in Egypt, how ’bout some reports from other countries over there?

I have a buddy who is deployed in Iraq. Yep, you’ve heard that all major combat operations are ended… he’s stil deployed there.  I got a comment from him today via e-mail that the troops there are feeling a little tense.  He phrased it as: “…five countries are now in play.”  And he also thinks there might be more coming.  This is already on top of several Shia/Sunni holy-day conflicts right around this time, so things are a little tense.

Who’d have imagined the day when Iraq was one of the more stable countries in the Middle East?

Folks, remember the troops over there.  Tension doesn’t just stay in one place in the Middle East, and it could be tough for our military.

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