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if you can’t be the king, you better know the king…

February 1, 2011

Sadly, in ’09 I predicted that the current administration wouldn’t be any different other than their party affiliation when it came to the politics of patronage, the accusations of the palace power structures. I had no idea how much further they’d go than the Republicans in the Bush era did – they said they’d do a 180 on the old behaviors. They did a 360 and floored it….

so it’s only appropriate that this is the state of the jobs experts in Washington….

 Immelt is starting to sound like a politician himself. Whether in speeches or op-ed pieces, he talks about the need for a national policy to create jobs from exports. Immelt has more time to spend in Washington—when not calling on other government leaders—after moving Vice-Chairman John Rice to Hong Kong in early January to lead GE’s global operations. Given the uncertainty in GE’s home market, not to mention opportunities to participate in earmarked projects and policy debates, Sterne Agee analyst Nick Heymann argues, Washington is a good place for Immelt to be. “This is where the opportunities to influence are,” he says.

Not making more money, not finding new business opportunities. Ensuring that his company’s interests have access to the power structures necessary to get political patronage.

More evidence that the administration is more feudal and 17th century than they are post modern & progressive:

the day after the President’s State of the Union, the new waivers are up. You may recall that there were 222 such waivers approved in November. That number has now jumped to 729 through the end of December. The total number of people covered by the waivers has gone from 1.5M to just under 2.2M. The list includes the usual assortment of union locals and businesses.

In this administration it isn’t what you know or what you can do – it’s who you know, and if you don’t know someone you better hope you’re a disenfranchised  and appropriately grateful under-represented people group. Otherwise, you’re known as “fresh meat” – or “the serfs who work the land for those who do”


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