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Hang On… What?

January 18, 2011

Among my many oddities, I’m a fan of Formula 1 racing.  I mean a fan like, get-up-at-4AM-and-watch-cars-that-sound-like-overhyped-teens-determine-a-race-in-the-first-two-laps fan.  I recognize my own absurdity, and I still love the race.  It’s a blend of strategy, execution, technology, and sports that I find hard to resist. My wife has another term for it, but we won’t go there.

So anyway, I was perusing one of the F1 news sites today, and I came across this.

The Lotus Renault GP team could face problems over its new livery ahead of the 2011 Formula 1 season. Renault put its 2011 livery on display at the Autosport International Show last week, with the widely anticipated black-and-gold colours revealed to the public. Following a long-term investment from Group Lotus, the outfit is currently going through a phase of significant changes.

Ah, I think… the complaints about colors, or team markings, or maybe even something to do with technical rules…

The car was a massive hit with F1 fans, but despite the nostalgic values of Renault’s JPS-inspired livery, Canadian tobacco laws could present an issue for the outfit when the F1 paddock arrives at the venue in June. Currently, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will not allow a team to compete if its cars were to resemble a cigarette packet.

Huh?  I mean, what?

Okay, if you don’t feel like hitting the link, here’s the picture from the article:

So, um, that looks like a pack of cigs?  I mean, I can see Robert Kubica in the seat with a tan helmet and white suit… no, I can’t.  I have no idea what they’re talking about.  Yes, the colors come from a packet of John Player Special, um, so how does this still make me think of having a smoke while it’s racing around?  So next, Red Bull will be linked to FourLoko because people mix it with vodka and we’ll lose out on Sebastian Vettel’s defense of his title?  Geez.

Seriously… this is really going too far.  At some point, we’ll decide that canned hams are toxic, and therefore any portly dude in a Hormel shirt is a violation of all that’s right in the world.  What would NASCAR do?

Hey, folks, if you want to pay the extra insurance rates and the dry-cleaning bills, then go light up.  I’m not a fan myself, because I have better places to spend money.  I honestly don’t get the huge backlash on smoking, and I wonder when they’ll use the same arguments successfully to ban guns, or conservatives, or Christians.

In the mean time, the season re-starts in March.  I’ll the one downstairs in my jammies watching the on-line timing and rooting for Renault to win, just to make someone mad. (But go RBR!)

Updated:  Here, if you’re curious.

For the record, this does not zoom around the track in a minute-forty…

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  1. January 18, 2011 1:52 pm

    um, it doesn’t look like a pack of anything to me. It looks like….a CAR!!! what am I missing – is this like one of the Magritte paintings where it says “this is not a pipe?”

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