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Baby steps and developmental stages

January 13, 2011

I realized why every “jobless claims rise” report includes the word “unexpectedly”. Here’s the latest – poor President Obama. Right after he said “the jobs report from Dec shows we’re turning the corner”, we bounce right back down again.

Every play hide and seek with an infant throughout different stages of development? There’s one stage of development where the infant forgets about the object once it’s hidden. Out of sight is out of mind. In a key development stage, the infant realizes the object still exists, is hidden, and looks for the hidden object/toy – moving the blanket, the box – whatever. The concept is “object permanance”

At some point in their development – around 36 months

… children demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect by making predictions about what could happen and reflect upon what caused something to happen. (California Department of Education [CDE] 2005)

The administration – in terms of real world experience in seeing the effect of policies proposed – is in reality developing from infancy to toddlerhood. Here’s hoping their month 36 goes through a stage of development similar to a toddlers, where they start connecting and predicting the real outcome (effect) of the policies they cause – and do something positive with the information.

 The alternative is trying harder to only achieve the same stunted result – then a massive toddler melt down that includes throwing themselves on their backs, screaming til they’re blue and exhausting themselves flailing and rebelling against the unbending laws of physics & gravity. Lots of sound and fury – but alas – the balloon they let go of doesn’t come back because of the protests they make…

Speaking of tests on the developmental stage of the administration – Michelle Malkin on the 1099 impact of ObamaCare

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