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It’s All About Your Degree

January 6, 2011

For the record, I have a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.  Among the glitterati of MBAs that surround me, I’m considered just a yokel manager.  My stuff still gets shipped, though.  I wonder what happens elsewhere?

America is huge and diverse, but the world of our credentialed experts is quite small, warped, and monotonous — circumscribed largely by the prestigious university and an office in the incestuous Washington–New York corridor. There are plenty of prizes, honors, and degrees among our policy-setters and experts, but very little experience in running a business in Oklahoma, raising a large family in Kansas, or working on an assembly line in Michigan, a military base in Texas, a boat in Alaska, or a ranch in Idaho.

… or a planning team in Oregon/Arizona.  Someday when I grow up, I hope to write half as well as Victor Davis Hanson.  Go read the whole article, and everything else he writes.  In this one, he nicely whacks climate change, stimulus, Ivy-league journalists with no clue about the weight of history, and more!

I have a saying I’ve been using a lot lately.  Experience is built on making some really dumb mistakes, surviving, and learning from them.  Complications happen when people forget that last part.  Me?  I find that I don’t get taken all that seriously anyway, since I’m “just a planner.”  I don’t mind that they forget that I make stuff happen, and I really like saying, “yes I’ll do that,” in a way that is as much a threat as it is a promise.  Meanwhile, they can plug happily along in believing whatever.  I’m happy to see the intellectuals stick to their story.  The consistency enables me to work around them very easily.

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