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Stuff That Makes Me Go Hmmm…

December 27, 2010

I was glancing through the Wall Street Journal this evening, and this article came up.  I’m dancing on somewhat dicey territory, but I wanted to make a couple comments on it.  Go ahead and read the whole thing, becuase it’s worth reading.  But here are some relevant passages.

Police have long known that Badger Guns, Badger Outdoors and related businesses at the same location in West Milwaukee have ranked in the top 10 nationally among shops that sell guns that wind up being used in a crime.

“We’re not trying to shut Badger Guns down,” said Daniel Vice, senior attorney at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a Washington-based nonprofit that helped bring the lawsuits. The suits aim to have the business declared a public nuisance and to force it to change its practices by court order.

First, let me say that I decry any crime where a gun is used, and I especially dislike using guns on the police who are there to protect citizens.  I should also comment that the two lawsuits discussed in the article both are pretty egregious cases where the guns could have probably been kept out of the hands of the people who got them.

But with that said, I keyed into one specific quote above: “ranked in the top 10 nationally among shops that sell guns that wind up being used in a crime.”  And I also noticed this comment:

Adam J. Allan, the owner of Badger Guns, declined to comment for this article. In the past, he has said the shop’s proximity to Milwaukee, where gun shops are illegal, and its high sales volume are largely responsible for the store’s high level of sales of guns that end up in criminals’ hands.

Wisconson is one of two states where it’s not legal to carry a concealed weapon in the US under any circumstances.  The laws are apparently fairly byzantine and the police are not friends of anyone who actually want to have a gun in the state.  I also perked up with the explanation offered by the owner.  When you sell a lot of guns, especially in a high crime area, it’s likely that a lot of guns will be used in crimes.  If this is really a case where lax employees and a criminal intent result in illegal sales, then there’s cause for alarm.  However, what happens to the people who depend on the store for self-defense in a high-crime area?  The article clearly points out that the current legal system doesn’t do anything to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, so how does rewarding the criminal by removing them from the hands of legal citizens help?

The article actually notes that the police are catching people in the act of straw sales and taking them off the streets.  If that’s true, it’s probably good that they at least know where to look.

Again, I don’t expect that it’s ever possible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, at least not as easily as taking them out of the hands of non-criminals.  I do wonder at the intent of people to work statistics and call fault on a legal business to further control others’ hobbies that they don’t like.


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