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Maybe We Can Eat Wind Power?

December 21, 2010

It’s been busy at work, the last few months of the year always are for me.  So I’ve missed out reading the Greenroom for a while. And look at the stuff I’ve been missing:

Let me rephrase that point.  With the destructive Keynesian economic policies President Obama and the Democrats have forced upon the country, in addition to rising household costs, high unemployment, and a bleak unknown economic outlook for 2011, many families will have no option but to eat poor-quality foods, rather than high-quality, vitamin-rich, nutritious foods.  Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in obesity, poorer health, and higher health care costs.  Additionally, how are parents going to teach their children about healthy food choices if they cannot afford to buy them, or better yet, know how to cook?  Also, will they be willing to give up the convenience foods–it takes time to prepare a homemade meal.  Now parents become failures, which creates a perfect storm for the government to step in and “help.”

That’s Susananne Hiller, and I perfectly agree.  The above is her conclusion, and I’d recommend you go read the whole thing for the data the provide the proof.  Gas prices are way up, food prices are going up (as Lynn noted not long ago), the energy bills are rising… and all of this is impacting the amount of money people have to spend on food.  But at the same time, we’re taking away choices from the people who are likely hard-hit.

So what’s the solution?  Well, the governments of the nation would love to raise your taxes so that they can hand them back to you in over-priced — but healthier, thanks Ms. Obama! —  lunches for your kids, or in the form of over-priced support for the neighbors who don’t use the service.  We still miss the fact that government has to take money off the top before it gives it back to you, and that means it’s inefficient in comparison to just letting you spend the money in your community.  Sure it’s all about the nation, rather than just local, but shouldn’t we let people fix what ails?

I think it’s safe to say that we’re really seeing the slow recovery of the economy pick up speed a bit, and that’s good.  But the problems in the system are pretty bad, and the recovery will first affect people who are in good shape already.  I hope there’s some thought on how to let the people who are choosing between a tank of gas and a dinner actually have a shot at picking both.

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