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Can It Really Just Be Sour Grapes?

December 16, 2010

I know I’ve been on this theme since the Democrats punted the tax issue before the election, but I’ve been saying that they’re really not interested in keeping the Bush-era tax rates.  After the election, I was pretty sure they’d just call it sour grapes and make the Republicans fix it in the new session, until the Obama White House actually realized that they’d get a lousy deal if they tried that.

So now are the Democrats in the House really just looking at the sour grapes and walking off?

The Senate passed its version of the tax deal by a wide margin this week, but in the House, the plan appears to be in jeopardy.  Democratic leadership had to pull the rule governing the debate on the bill after liberals in their caucus revolted and threatened to send it to a defeat.  One Democrat called it a “speed bump,” but as of yet the road to passage has not opened:

There are plenty of people that are convinced that this will eventually pass just becuase it makes sense.  But how many Democrats in the House are thinking that it doesn’t make sense, and will block the passage, especially given that there are some Republicans that think they can vote no and get a better deal later?

None of this is going to make Congress any more popular, but at this point everyone might just punt and want to go home for the year.  I still don’t think that the passage of the tax revision (it’s not a cut, remember) is a slam dunk.

Updated: Michelle Malkin has more:

Jamie Dupree is on the House floor interviewing Dems about the mess. He tweets: “What a screw up” one floor staffer just told me; House Dems “in the process of discussing” said one top Dem…Some Dems say a confusing rule & parliamentary situation has led to lack of votes for tax deal.”

If this tax deal doesn’t pass, it’ll be a wonderful end to two years of Democratic Congress under a strongly liberal president.  They passed what they could with very little support from the other side, and then whined when they had to do anything that was bi-partisan.  Is this really leadership, or just people who didn’t learn to share in kindergarden?

Updated again: Maybe the adults prevailed in the Dem caucus… the Pomeroy ammendment failed, and it’s likely that this gig might pass the final bill passed.  Color me impressed that the Dems in the House compromised.

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