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Risky business, Charlie Sheen style

December 15, 2010

Many bloggers are writing about the Democratic contempt for the voters given the mondo spending bill that included goodies like environmental land ‘parceling’ (MM calls it “land grabs”), pork, bacon and HAM!

Pundit and Pundette, Legal Insurrection, Michelle Malkin, HotAir….it’s all in there

As appropriate as their takes are – and as much as they will be better written than mine – I think there are some fascinating hints that point to the situation not being contempt for voters, but more like teen opportunism in an adult age group.

Remember Risky Business? What I think we’re seeing is a rehash of that movie – minus the clean up at the end. Exchange the ending for the average Charlie Sheen 4 star hotel mash up….and there you go

Risky Business is the film in which 19-year-old Tom Cruise dances around his living room in his underwear. He does this to celebrate the fact that his parents have left him alone while they go on vacation

Police were called to the Plaza Hotel in NYC shortly after 2 am on Oct. 26 after the Two and a Half Men star trashed his hotel room following a night of partying!….The damage Charlie Sheen inflicted on his hotel room at the Plaza was worse than you’ve heard! A hotel source tells us it was $20,000 — chairs and tables everywhere

If you put it in that light, the Obama-Clinton press conference makes perfect sense. You see – there was a PAR-TAY happening & he had to get to his missus. Have to work in every possible celebratory opportunity before someone comes & removes the teenage drunks from their lawn. Because there are PEOPLE to clean up the mess after them, you know?

It doesn’t really appear they are attempting to govern – I’m not sure they are. It makes sense if viewed from the lens of naked opportunism – grab for what you can get while it’s still available to you, consequences/shmonsequences ….and the drinking just gets more frenzied when the “Last Call” sign starts to blink….

There’s a strategy to it – whether it’s effective long term or not, it does fit the materialistic philosophy “Eat, drink, tomorrow we die” or “better to flame out than grow old” (60’s rocker version)

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