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Leadership Moves Forward

December 14, 2010

I’ve failed a few times on the job, and it usually meant that I lost control of what I had been trying to do.  I remember losing a key strategy for my company, and I deserved to lose it, because I’d totall corked the actions we needed to take.  However, I saw what I’d done wrong, and I enthusiastically worked with the new guy on the plan to make the strategy successful.  It’s what you would do if you were passionate about your job.  It might not be what you do if you were just passionate about the power.

In the lame-duck session of Congress, that angst fuels the rebellion by House Democrats against the tax-cut compromise President Obama struck with Republican leaders. Their resistance reflects ideological opposition to tax cuts for affluent Americans, but also status anxiety as their four years of majority control draw to a close.

Republicans who experienced the same thing in 2006 know it will not get easier soon.

“I think they’re having a much harder time coming to grips with it even than we did,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma. “If they’re this disappointed now when they’re still in the majority, wait until January.”

The article is very interesting.  It’s full of discussions over the Democrats’ angst and battles they plan to fight against the president.  So they’re punting on trying to find common ground?  At least the administration is trying to cooperate in some areas and find middle ground, even if it’s only because it’s been forced to do so.  It appears that the Democrats will do everything to obstruct any agenda that’s not theirs… you know, the one that got them voted out in the first place.

I’ll admit that the Republicans didn’t provide an example of cooperation in the last few years, either.  But I’d also say that there was no effort to reach out by either the Democratic congress or the President.  Anyone remember, “I won,” or any of the other combative stances?  The Republicans weren’t given much of a choice to cooperate anyway.  By the way, I would expect the administration to begin to take this stance at some point as well.  I don’t think this wonderful feeling of togetherness will last past one or two right-leaning ideas.

So it’s down to complaining and obstruction as the new form of cooperation.  I wonder if this will work out any better than the last two years?

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