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Missing the turn

December 8, 2010

At Pajamas Media VDH states that

I grew up in a Democratic household. The talk at the family dinner table …concerned the minimum wage, 40-hour work week, overtime pay, civil rights, disability insurance, or bond money for school construction and teacher training. In other words, it was a sort of “level the playing field” to ensure equality of opportunity.

I’m a generation later but I don’t remember much discussion around voting according to the union direction, but voting to conscience. I don’t remember a lot of envy around people who were successful in justifying forced redistribution – but the type of envy that wishes for your children the same ability to have decent clothes & a few more presents under the tree with less hit to the food budget in December (causing you to work harder by accepting overtime hours)

My parents may have admired JFK – but not Teddy who was a ‘rich kid for whom rules didn’t apply’ (Chappaquidick). The following was not ok to the rank & file Democrat

Or perhaps [Kerry] … might look carefully at zillionaire family trusts and the billions they divert from the strapped federal Treasury. Or perhaps he could take away the tax deductions on third or fourth homes above a certain square footage, maybe ending the deduction for property taxes on multiple homes?

… Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will defer more money from the federal Treasury by avoiding inheritance taxes (to channel their profits into their foundations) than all the billions lost this year by keeping tax cuts for small businesses.

Obama directs the diet of his subordinates …. Obama believes that his own behavior is exempt from his own moral strictures. By all accounts he is a devoted smoker who cannot quit. On the list of sins, smoking is as serious as poor dieting.

At some point, the Democrats moved from equalization of opportunity to equalization of result – except when applied to themselves.

Moving on to National Journal – more indicators of their not being the democrats my parents knew:

First arguing that climate change would be a winning issue, and then health care reform, they now think they can score points by drawing a line and extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for everyone except the top income brackets,,,,

…For some reason, climate change legislation and health care seemed to be more important than sticking to a focus on the economy through 2009 and into 2010.

This doesn’t even bring into light the fact that many of the legislative efforts resulted in giving more of private capital, enterprise and opportunity to their preferred constituencies (themselves, unions). That’s not setting up the stage for equalization of opportunity, it’s dictating outcome.

What are the unintended consequences of a culture and country “encouraged” – or forced – into accepting the state of protected couch potato as a result of policy decisions, when we’ve had 200 yrs of “unequaled opportunity if you work hard enough” and continue to see the result of rags-to-riches stories on MTV “Cribs?”

It was as if there was a turn in the road and the American people made that turn while Democrats continued straight and plowed into the woods last month.

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  1. December 8, 2010 1:20 pm

    For my part, I think I’ll keep up the extra hours and the self-made stuff. I’ll admit to having a leg up on some others, but I didn’t then sit down and wait for that to keep happening.

    I still find it somewhat amusing that just because I worked to do the right things, I’m expected to help those who didn’t. Lynn, didn’t you already go down that Aesop road?

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