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Mercenaries in these days

November 30, 2010

There’s a lot of fuss over the Wikileaks documents and the “sensible” newsprint orgs that pander to the organization. Considering what the news papers stooped to for what they received….well, Julian Assange is no Jason Bourne. The actual content is like reading the People magazine of the western diplomatic circles….

The guy positions himself as a moralistic mercenary, who is philosophically opposed to superpowers that exert their influence too heavily throughout the world. But he only seems to be able to publish stuff about the USA, which causes one to wonder

  • Is he actually working for a different superpower? A guy who’s being sought for a felony crime could use some cold hard cash
  • Is he more like the intellectual left, who believe they exist to right the wrongs of the western rich by handing money over like the climate change crew at the UN? Print some embarrasing gossip between Diplomats – yeah, THAT’LL show’em
  • Or is he really not all that mercenary and even handed because although he fancies himself a real life Jason Bourne, he’s really just a wimpy mercenary that only pokes targets who won’t slap back, well, at least not HARD.

Frankly I suspect it’s really the last one. He hasn’t yet succumbed enough to his own ego and internal monologue of ‘I am the brave crusader against the modern Roman empire’ to be as even handed as he fancies himself. Strategically, this makes complete sense – would YOU want to take on Putin, the Iranian guard, or Mossad?

Long term, I’m betting his ego gets the best of him, he believes his own meta-narrative and really does publish on Russian corruption – resolving the problem of wikileaks completely over the long haul. Either he continues to publish good material, or he begins to be ignored. A crusader/hero can’t let that happen!

UPDATE: Hot Air FINALLY got there too – yep, the guy’s going to end up believing his own press and his own “hero narrative” then discover that most heroes end up with less than pleasant outcomes….

It’s a tragic let down to see what type of crusader for the common good and “hero in his own mind” the culture of the west has created….it’s more Dogbert than Navy Seal….

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