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Everyone’s Into It

November 11, 2010

Hey, do you want to be guilt-free when you spend your $150k on your next car?  Well then, go green!

Porsche AG plans to sell a plug-in hybrid car called the 918 Spyder that it says will yield up to 78 miles per gallon. Expected to arrive as early as 2013, it could carry a price tag close to €500,000 ($682,260), executives at the German car maker estimate. Porsche said it has already received roughly 2,300 informal order pledges from would-be customers.

Yes, Porsche, BMW, Daimler, Lotus… you name it, they’re going green with a price tag that takes you some green.  Here’s Ferrari with their philosophy:

Enrico Galliera, commercial and marketing senior vice president at Ferrari, said customers aren’t explicitly requesting the car maker go greener. “When you consider buying a Ferrari, you’re considering it for the performance,” he said, adding the company doesn’t foresee building an all-electric Ferrari.

“At the same time, when we approached customers and said, ‘Here’s a way you can still have that and be greener,’ the reaction was extremely positive,” Mr. Galliera said.

Well, thank goodness that I can buy an expensive car that still goes fast and makes me feel good.  Oh, wait, I drive Subarus and I get the hives when I have to pay that much for a house.  Forget a depreciating car.

I don’t begrudge people who would like to spend some cash on a nice car.  Sure, I’d rather give mine away, but they’re fun to ride in on occasion.  More than anything, it’s a great play by car vendors who can capitalize on the green guilt of rich people and make some more profit while assuaging any regret on the part of the customer.

I’m not quite sure what you get out of this, though.  Yea, you feel less guilty as a consumer when your carbon footprint is a half a gram lighter or whatever.  But really, will anyone think you less of a jerk if you blow by them on the highway with a green leaf on the bumper?

I wish the car companies and the customers luck in this one.  I’d bet they’ll be big sellers, though.

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  1. November 12, 2010 12:13 pm

    Indulgences in 1560, green stickers in 2010….who’s Martin Luther this time?

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