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Never underestimate…

November 9, 2010

I haven’t seen ANY real discussions about the impact of the labor unions in the outcome of the elections that appeared close but turned out not so close after all

NRO ‘S  Morning Jolt points out:

Something went wrong for Ken Buck in Colorado, as well as Sharron Angle in Nevada, resulting in the pair dramatically underperforming their polls. You could see the outlines of a theory here, positing that these staunchly conservative candidates ran too far to the right for their purplish states. But Carly Fiorina fell surprisingly short in California, and the outlook is grim for Dino Rossi in Washington, too

And at Hot Air, another interesting correlating point

But as anyone who has studied the Democrats’ infrastructure — i.e., the labor movement — will tell you, it’s not enough to agitate and organize; you also must educate.

In a quick cross check between the election results & close polling that turned out to not be so close & the strong union states….

The AFL-CIO plans to spend more than $50 million over the next 90 days to help Democrats in congressional and gubernatorial races in 20-23 states. Its top target states are California, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

 While it doesn’t seem to have helped Ohio – California, Nevada and Washington appear to have gotten a boost. TBD on Alaska…

So with that we turn to Hot Air again:

As the lame duck session of the Pelosi Congress nears, one fear is that Democrats will try to force through some last-minute liberal legislation, in particular “card check” to kill the secret ballot in union elections….

Unions have pressed to get card check laws passed in nearly half the states as a way to stop declining union membership, which is now down to 7% or so of all private workers…..the WSJ points out the real problem that House Republicans will have to address, which is the potential for the NLRB to run amuck.   

I completely understand the urge to hire your own boss – to some effect I’ve put it into practice myself. That said, I never expected to hold sway over my boss’ job as a result of encouraging him/her to come work in our group. It’s a different version of the Praetorian guard when it comes to Democrats and the unions ….

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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    November 10, 2010 8:40 pm

    I find it interesting that the liberal press blames conservatives for companies outsourcing jobs. How about all of the regulations, taxes and unions demanding more benefits driving companies that have to compete in a global economy out of the US.

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