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Do You Let a Leader Lead from the Rear?

November 9, 2010

I blogged not long ago that I didn’t think Nancy Pelosi would be much of a leader if she chose to cut and run following election losses. Well, she’s not. Several places, notably the NY Times, Doug Powers and Hot Air have various takes, mostly on the support or not of the Democrats.  I have to say, I’m actually impressed with Ms. Pelosi for offering to lead the party out of the mess she led them into in the first place.

Like I said before, leaders have to be willing to make up for their mistakes.  If a leader just walks away in disgrace, it’s likely that the affected parties will suffer from a lack of transition.  I’ll say that I admire the Speaker for attempting to keep a position of power.  Now, to the point, is it wise for the Democrats to take her up on her offer?

While the Hot Air post above says that she has support, I think the Democrats are looking for a happy medium.  While it’s nice to have a failed leader offer to help, it’s not always good to accept that.  The Democrats probably need to be cautious about what type of help they’re willing to take, but they should at least hear what she has to offer.  Nancy Pelosi is a strong leader, and she does have some powerful fund-raising skills.  So shutting her out would probably be a bad thing.  However, she also didn’t necessarily take Congress anywhere good, so letting her grab the reins and continue to steer?  Not so good.

I actually think that Ms. Pelosi should be offered a strong consultative position, but not one of leadership.  The Democrats need to understand how the House power structure really made decisions in the past.  As far as leadership, though, I’d think they’d be better appointing decision-makers that were not in the lead before.  Maybe it’s time for some fresh faces to step in, at least to lend a different voice to the party.  Look at the Republicans.  They’re pusing to add some of the new blood.  A new leaders voice is not so bad.

So I’d suggest that the Democrats consider carefully what they look for out of their old leaders.  But don’t shut out the old voices totally, or you won’t learn from the mistakes.

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  1. Maria Tseng permalink
    November 15, 2010 5:07 pm

    I see your point about keeping Pelosi on the payroll to mine her knowledge, and maybe connections. But she doesn’t have to be officially on the payroll for us to get that. She’s still a senator even when not the majority leader so she’ll be there for a few more years. All those who lost their seats have a 3 month paid transition (paid through March 2011). We’ve all changed jobs, etc. and kept our friends and connections without being kept on as consultants.

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