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Was Nun?

November 2, 2010

Historical context: When the Germans finished chasing the British and what was left of the French off the beaches at Dunkirk, a group of generals gathered at Calais with binoculars, and looked over at the distant English coast.  The prevailing question by the victors was simple… “Was Nun?”  or “What now?”

(note: I’m not comparing R’s to Nazis.  Go see Huffington Post or Daily Kos for that.  Thanks)

It’s still a long way away, but the Republicans look to have the House as a new toy, and the Senate at best break-even, likely slightly D.  So what are the early moves by both sides?

Tomorrow the president will likely call for an end to partisanship… sure, now that he doesn’t own it all, he can try to be magnanimous.  The R’s will likely reach out a hand, while grinning like the cat with a tummy full of canary.  Then there will be hot air for months.  Then there will likely be a lot of rhetoric and inactivity.

Well, I’m for inactivity.  Let’s see a little gridlock and whining.  If there’s a chance that we can slow spending to merely stupid amounts of growth as opposed to mindboggling ones…?  Well, I’m for it.  Sure, the D’s will work to pick off some moderate senators on some issues, and there will be a couple deals struck in the house that get budgets that still grow.  I’m seeing some debates that the R’s will de-fund D initiatives.  I’m not hopeful.

But for now, it’s at least a change in the landscape.  I see the R leaders on the clifftop… I wonder what they see through those binoculars?

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