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Last Exit to Utopia

October 28, 2010

Jean-Francois Revel writes

A detour via Utopia allows an ideology (and the power system that it purports to legitimize) to proclaim one success after another without interruption, while in reality its results are diametrically opposed to the vaunted agenda…. it promises liberty and imposes servitude; it promises equality and ends up with the most inegalitarian of all societies, with a nomenklatura class that is priviledged to a degree unknown even in feudal societies…

Many believers persist in accepting the contradictions because utopia is always located in the future.  ….

France had already experienced, and even invented, this politico-ideological configuration with Robespierre and the Jacobin dictatorship

While this was written specifically about communism, he goes into socialism and refers a paper about the lost literature of socialism by George Watson (Cambridge)

“Genocide was an idea unique to socialism”. Read that again.  

George Bernard Shaw…claimed for socialism the right to liquidate the social classes that opposed the revolution or held it back….

Revel calls totalitarian regimes “ideocracies” – the dictatorships of ideas. Check out this link and ask yourself – if the elected officials are elected to represent their constituents, why are they doing this “they did what they thought was right”

Meanwhile, legitimately alternative ideas about free market vs. regulation, the place of unions vs. the global economic realities, what is settled science and what we have a great deal more to learn about…are utterly dismissed, derided, condescended to and labeled as the products of fear, ignorance, and bitterness

Iinstead of trying to engage, understand, negotiate – they attempt to “impress the popular kids” who have bought into “any means necessary to achieve Utopia”

Needless to say – that doesn’t go so well either….


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