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The geese are honking

October 18, 2010

The more I read about this, the more uncomfortable I get with the entire proposition

Union voters are the firewall for candidates that support working families,” Ms. Ackerman writes in the memo….Ms. Akerman’s memo suggests that union leadership in Washington is fearful of the implications for their agenda if Republicans take over one or both houses of Congress in two weeks.

Unions are for the unions, and for the candidates who are in the pocket of unions. How is that any different than Republicans and their supposed ties to Wall Street and big business?

Union leaders aren’t “working families” – they are desperately holding onto their government bequeathments…

It amazes me that the “working families” they represent don’t include any other working families besides union dues…doesn’t anyone in the union question why their dues are going to political ads and not into their pension funds?

We still face a tough economic climate the Bush administration and big business dumped on us.
The electorate is awash in undisclosed cash from the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove.

What part of the electorate ‘awash in undisclosed cash’ is represented by the unions?

If the unions are the “gander”, well, Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove would be the geese….

UPDATE: Weird coincidence – Hot Air has an entire post about how much the NEA is spending “on politics”.

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