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Imagine a Scenario

October 18, 2010

I saw this in Hot Air this morning, and it took me in a specific direction.  First, the news:

We must have solved all our other problems if the Obama administration is aiming at cell-phone use while driving.  In his interview with Bloomberg, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he may push for an all-out ban on the practice, even when conducted by “hands-free” technology, depending on the results of research LaHood is authorizing.  Perhaps he should also research jurisdiction and enforcement as well (via The Week):

LaHood calls it a cognative distraction… you know, like talking to anyone in the car.  Or like having to watch your speed instead of the road.  Whatever.  The strategic intent here is pretty obvious: government knows best what should happen to you, and how you should live your life.  Ed Morrissey deconstructs this nicely, so I’ll avoid that.

I have a different question… if an insurance company came out and said they would only cover people who could definitively prove that they were NOT on a cell phone during an accident, what would this administration say?  They scream bloody murder that the “greedy insurance industry” was attempting to control our very actions.  You know they would.  And yet, wouldn’t the insurance business be a better arbiter of this particular safety area?

Just thinking.

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  1. Ellen D. permalink
    October 21, 2010 9:06 am

    I know people who take their eyes off the road to talk to their passengers, sometimes turning around to talk to people in the back seat. Next we’ll have to drive alone, but that is bad for the carbon footprint – can’t win.

    Next the government will mandate car companies build cars that drive themselves. Wait, it might already be going that direction. Cars need the lane departure and forward collision warnings to get the government 5-star safety rating. How long before these technologies will be mandated like air bags?

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