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Post modern pragmatism…

October 13, 2010

The definition for the word “pragmatic” if you look it up is “guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory”

But post moderns like to play with whether there’s any definition to anything – it’s very hard to debate the existence of absolute truth unless one disbands utterly the concept of language. You can read here on why – I won’t bore you with this unless you REALLY want to know 🙂

Postmodernism] affirms that whatever we accept as truth and even the way we envision truth are dependent on the community in which we participate . . . There is no absolute truth: rather truth is relative to the community in which we participate. (Stanley Grenz in A Primer on Postmodernism)

When reading through Andrew McCarthy’s article on NRO today titled “Some Pragmatism” I realized a dichotomy

President Obama is marketed as ‘pragmatic’ and non ideological. But he continues pushing policies that have – through evidence historical and recent (Greece) – proven to fail. So, how can he be pragmatic and hold to policies that haven’t worked, instead saying “they weren’t tried hard enough?”

Obama’s administration has adopted what it calls a flexible approach” to terrorism cases, says the Reuters dispatch. The president, Reuters elaborates, “favor[s] military tribunals in some cases and civilian trials in others.”

What I think it means  is he’s pragmatic in a post modern way…it’s whatever personally works for him that day in a given situation.

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