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Trust us, we have a plan

October 12, 2010

wow.  More evidence that perhaps they shouldn’t play with a 60 vote super majority without training wheels still on…

Michelle Malkin points it out and I about spit my drink on the screen – from the NYT

White House Is Lifting Ban on Deepwater Drilling

“No wait!!! Come back! We were only kidding! We were for industry before we were against it!”

Yes, because government has a proven track record of being accurate on their predictions…er, maybe

In 1914, the Bureau of Mines said U.S. oil reserves would be exhausted by 1924. In 1939, the Interior Department said the world’s petroleum reserves would last 13 years. Oil fueled a global war and the postwar boom, and in 1951 Interior said the world had … 13 years of proven reserves. In 1970, proven reserves were estimated at 612 billion barrels. By 2006, more than 767 billion barrels had been pumped and proven reserves were 1.2 trillion. In 1977, Jimmy Carter said mankind could “use up” all the world’s proven reserves “by the end of the next decade.” Since then, the world has consumed three times more oil than was in the proven reserves. Today, shale rock formations in Texas and Louisiana; Montana and North Dakota; and New York, Pennsylvania, and other Eastern states may contain 2,000 trillion cubic feet of clean-burning natural gas.

But Krugman still believes that government directed capital – the lack of – is what really kept the economy from recovery…because they’re so great at central planning.

Like I said in my post yesterday – the voters don’t appear to want to “progress” faster….if you claim you have a plan for everything and you came up with it without doing any analysis…CHECK THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!!! There is a cost to acting and a cost to NOT acting. Weigh both and it saves you long term embarrasment regardless of the outcome…

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