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Of fauxs and fears

October 4, 2010

Sherrod Brown a democratic senator who I’m sure is an underpriviledged, non lawyer, non union guy (ahem) editorialized in the USA Today &  forgot a few things. So I thought in the spirit of this blog I’d help him fill in the blanks on what he forgot. Look for bold italics where I um, helped him out 🙂

  • During President Clinton‘s eight years, our country added more than 22 million private sector jobs, incomes went up, and we enjoyed the largest budget surplus in U.S. history because President Clinton didn’t pass Healthcare and the 1994 elections spanked some policy sense into him
  • We saved the U.S. auto industry UNIONS in the face of naysayers’ exhortation to “let the market work,” and our efforts preserved hundreds of thousands of jobs which were then promptly exported overseas.
  • We passed health care reform that improves drug benefits for senior citizens but cancels their insurance plans, provides coverage to those with a pre-existing condition if they can get treated before they die first, allows a 22-year-old daughter home from college to stay on her parents’ insurance because everyone knows there’s no way she’ll be able to find a job with THESE policies, and promises health care for millions of Americans after destroying i t formillions of others
  • We made college more affordable for students because there’s no point in them looking for a job right now and passed historic legislation for our nation’s veterans and for equal pay for women which was pointless because women are the only ones finding/keeping jobs these days
  • If you have a 401(k), take a look at it today and compare it with the day before President Obama was inaugurated but God help you, don’t look at it from before Pelosi controlled the purse strings in the House. Back then, 750,000 jobs were being lost each month, with 22 consecutive months of job loss costing 8 million jobs thanks to the politically motivated lending policies of Fannie/Freddy. We’ve got a long ways to go, but this year we’ve seen eight straight months of private sector job growth, granted it was only 50,000 jobs and we have a deficit of jobs+population growth that requires more than double that rate – not to say anything about what the jobs COULD be in a less onerous regulatory environment.
  • Tea Party populism is driven by anger at our majority government who managed to in 2 years triple a deficit they said was ‘unacceptable’ and at our country because they don’t agree with the direction the “most ethical congress ever” is taking it. Real populism fights for all Americans who are in unions & government jobs, while Tea Party populism divides us into those who actually understand how jobs are created & work to create them, and those who apparently have no clue how to meet a payroll.

 The one thing I would have to agree with – “Bring back pre-existing conditions from 1994 which smacked good sense into Clinton. Vote Republican.”

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