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Super Geniuses of the world – UNTIE!

September 28, 2010

Occasionally when I’ve run across stories about how the government in a city or state (or country) raised taxes on the “rich” in order to ensure those who were wealthy paid more of their ‘fair share’, I give out what I call the Wylie Coyote Super Genius award.

Anyone notice that Wylie Coyote is an exceptionally intelligent and well educated coyote? His accent is impeccable – is it Captain Winchester (M*A*S*H) or is it British? It sounds so cultured. He dines with fine linen napkins and fine silverware. He’s got PhD’s coming out his very large coyote ears. He’s an academic expert in SO MANY THINGS!

From RCP today, they cited one of the situations that resulted in my handing an award out:

Maryland created a special tax on rich people that was supposed to bring in $106 million.

What was the result? The state lost $257m!!!!

Well why would that be, you ask?

Donald Trump, who knows something about making money, says of course the rich will leave when hit with higher taxes. “I know these people,” he told me. “They’re international people. Whether they live here or live in a place like Switzerland doesn’t really matter to them.”

Similar thing happened in the UK with their sporting events. International athletes – who can afford to fly to play anywhere they like, flew the coop – so to speak

Despite Wylie Coyote’s apparent smarts and greater pedigree when it comes to being cultured, educated, and a “super genius” – he is consistently outsmarted by the Brooklyn Bunny – Bugs, that is.

Despite Wylie Coyote’s schematics, design, and the Rube Goldberg like attention to detail he puts into his “catch the Roadrunner” schemes – his designs consistently backfire on him, while the Roadrunner always escapes

When it comes to wealth creation – the Roadrunners believe that what they’ve created with their own investments (time, effort, seizing an opportunity) actually belongs to THEM first – not to the government. And the roadrunners have the ability to literally vote with their feet.

“Beep beep”

I’m not actually making a judgement here on either side – but it is a little disturbing that the super geniuses aren’t learning from the past – and continue to use ACME, rockets, railroad tracks and all sorts of backfiring bombs to achieve their desired result. People who are ahead of the game strategically don’t stop with observing that the world isn’t working the way they assumed & complain about it, then refusing to adjust their approach. They accept the observed reality and ADJUST their actions.

Continuing to do what you’ve done before, then expecting a different result – that’s the ‘other side of genius’ that people like Van Gogh delved into….yeah, that’d be insanity

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