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September 27, 2010

Til they turn blue?

Til they pass out?

Anyone else notice this announcement today – it’s as if the election strategy by the Democratic party is “take one more step closer to unelecting me and I swear, I’ll throw the baby off the cliff!!! I’ll do it!!! Don’t think I won’t!!!!”

So, when does the first ad come out that says “If you don’t re-elect me, I’m going to HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I TURN BLUE!!!!”

Seriously – THIS is the mature, adult intellectual crowd that got elected?!?!? It’s like one Dr Spock temper tantrum that really needs FAR far more than just a time out. Oh yeah this is how they’ll position it

Those who’ve been defeated or who decide to retire will have little left to lose. Might as well be go to the gallows as historic liberal reformers

Remember the comment from yesterday’s post about Branding 201? “Ghenghis Khan was historic” – ever wonder what prompted the Chinese to build the great wall? Being “historic” isn’t necessarily going down on the right side of history. Robespierre was another “historic liberal reformer”. GREAT role model there.

UPDATE: Adding more ‘strategies’ listed out by Sister Toldjah…

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